Experimental features


These features are not finalized, their functionality, API, and existence may be subject to change.

Streaming the Firefly view

A Firefly server hosted via Flask can be rendered remotely and streamed by visiting the localhost:xxxx/stream URL. For security reasons, this currently does not work if the host is not the current machine (which defeats the purpose of streaming the view in the first place, we’re working on getting around this limitation).

The FPS of the stream can be specified when starting the Flask server see the documentation for firefly.server.startFireflyServer() for details. The stream quality will degrade to ensure the target FPS is achieved.

VR support

There is limited Google cardboard support for VR. If a Flask server is being hosted on a computer, then visit <local ip address>:xxxx/cardboard from a mobile phone connected on the same network and you should be able to look and move around.