API Reference

Base classes

firefly.data_reader.Reader([datadir, ...])

This class provides a framework to unify the Settings and ParticleGroup classes to make sure that the user can easily produce firefly compatible files.

firefly.data_reader.ParticleGroup(UIname, ...)

This is a class for organizing data that you want to interface with a Reader instance.


This is a class for organizing the various settings you can pass to Firefly to customize how the app is initialized and what features the user has access to.

firefly.data_reader.TweenParams([coords, ...])

A class to store tween parameters and make an output file

Pre-built Readers


A wrapper to firefly.data_reader.ArrayReader that attempts to flexibily open generically formatetd data with minimal interaction from the user.


A wrapper to firefly.data_reader.Reader that stores raw numpy array data without opening anything from disk.

firefly.data_reader.FIREreader(snapdir, snapnum)

This is an example of a "custom" Reader that has been tuned to open data from the FIRE galaxy formation collaboration.

firefly.data_reader.SimpleFIREreader(...[, ...])

Server Utitities

firefly.server.startHTTPServer([port, directory])

Creates a global interpreter locked process to host either a Flask

firefly.server.startFlaskServer([port, ...])

Creates a global interpreter locked process to host a Flask server

firefly.server.spawnFireflyServer([port, ...])

Starts a Firefly server as a background process. Close the server by calling


Quit python processes associated with hosting Flask web-servers.