firefly.server.startFlaskServer(port=5500, directory=None, frames_per_second=30, decimation_factor=1, multiple_rooms=False)[source]
Creates a global interpreter locked process to host a Flask server

that can be accessed via localhost:<port>.

  • port (int, optional) – port number to serve the .html files on, defaults to 5500

  • frames_per_second (int, optional) – enforced FPS for stream quality, used only if localhost:<port>/stream is accessed, defaults to 30

  • decimation_factor (int, optional) – factor to decimate data that is being passed through localhost:<port>/data_input, defaults to 1

  • multiple_rooms (bool, optional) – allow multiple rooms? If True, the user will be prompted in the browser to enter a string to define the room for the given session (which would allow multiple users to interact with separate Firefly instances on a server), defaults to False.